In the last post, I covered one of the main reasons why diets don’t work. Put simply, it is because of the unconscious associations that we carry in relation to making healthier eating choices. If you associate pleasure to eating healthy food, you will more naturally choose it. We use weight loss hypnosis to change the old unhealthy associations to new healthier associations in your mind.

The Psychology of Dieting

In this post, we will cover an additional part of the program that can change thinking patterns and help make the process of losing weight feel easier and more doable. In other words, how to lose weight without dieting.

One thing that often stops people from following through—or even starting in the first place—is that the whole process feels daunting. When deciding to lose weight, people often think they have to:

  • Pick a diet from a multitude of possibilities (a new fad comes along every year)
  • Learn the ins and outs of the diet
  • Throw out all the food in their house
  • Give up on all of the foods they eat now
  • Find and learn to cook new recipes for the new fad diet
  • Download an app
  • Count calories
  • Give up eating out with friends, and so on…

Phew! No wonder so few people make it across the finish line.

But alas, there is a better way: You can lose weight without dieting. Don’t believe me?

Hypnosis for Weight Loss

In our weight loss program, one of the basic philosophies is that whatever you do, it needs to work with your lifestyle. That is why we do not espouse any particular diet. We instead focus on starting with some small changes you can make that give you the most “bang for the buck,” so to speak.

The beauty of making a series of small changes is that it doesn’t feel like you are losing out on anything. Most clients report that it feels good because the steps are easy and achievable. And since it feels good, they associate pleasure to their new way of eating and are able to keep it up. Naturally, over time, it becomes a new behavior.

In my final post on weight loss, we’ll dive deeper into the pitfalls of taking extreme measures, and how hypnosis can help.