Last week, I wrote about what Neuro Linguistic Programming is and how it can help you overcome fears, anxiety, addictions, and limiting beliefs through a reprogramming of the brain. Today, I’ll be talking about another common tool I use with my clients called Transformational Life Coaching. We will go over both what life coaching is and how to find a life coach in your area!

Transformational Coaching

More than just a tool, transformational coaching is a framework that I use to get to know my client and his/her needs. Through our sessions together, we can easily discover what your ideal/goal outcome is, how you’d know if you get it, or what’s preventing you from having it.

We start with a lot of standard questions from the beginning. First and foremost, what is your reason for coming in? And over time, how much progress are you making? Sometimes the progress is directly measurable. For example, your goal might be to make five more sales at work in the next week. But if we’re working on something not as easily measured—like anxiety levels, for instance—I will usually ask on a scale of 1 to 10, how much anxiety do you feel at the beginning vs. the end of a session. There’s often a dramatic improvement in as little as a few sessions.

How to Find a Life Coach

Life coaches can easily be found via a quick Google search, but you’ll want to make sure you’re working with a reputable coach who has had proper training. I encourage you to do your research: check out their website, look over their credentials, read testimonials or reviews. You will be meeting one-on-one with this person, and you reserve the right to be picky about who you choose. Some life coaches offer a free consultation so that you can decide together based off of your first impression if they’re the right fit for you.

Once you’ve sat down with this person, a few questions to ask yourself may be: Does this person make me feel comfortable? Do I feel like I can talk openly and honestly with this person? Does this person take the time to listen to my concerns and respond accordingly? Does this person respect and value my goals? If you can answer yes to these questions, you’ve found the right coach!

Coaching is just one modality I utilize with my clients, but underneath this framework are many different tools for success. In next week’s post, we’ll briefly cover Meridian Tapping and how this can help you further accomplish your goals.