Have you ever asked yourself…

  • Am I achieving the goals I’ve set myself in my life?
  • Can I break my unwanted habits and beliefs?
  • Am I going to meet my goals if I continue doing what I’ve always been doing?
  • What’s stopping me from meeting my goals?

Most people do not understand how deeply limiting beliefs can be damaging. A coach can help you overcome problems you have, or improve current aspects of your life. Whether you want to lose weight, conquer a fear, make more money or meet some other goal, you can benefit from the support of a coach.

With a personal coach, one-on-one sessions are a powerful, effective way to make and sustain changes in your life, and go on a journey of personal development that can change your life. One-on-one coaching is a powerful method to kick-start your commitment, or stay accountable. Although I do offer group coaching, one-on-one coaching allows us to make a session all about you so I can offer in-depth, personalized tools to support you. Often, one-on-one coaching sessions result in quick but sustained personal change for my clients.

Breakthrough Coaching Program

Although I offer custom packages for many of my clients, at the beginning most people prefer a set package to kickstart their personal development and exploration. If you’re ready to claim your success now, consider this package as the beginning of your personal development journey.

One-one-one personal coaching

The most rapid and lasting results will come from one-on-one personal coaching with Dan Ross, founder of Silicon Valley Hypnosis Center.

Most people come into the office in San Jose to have their sessions in person, but Dan also works with people through video conferencing all over the world.

In your sessions, Dan will help you:

  • identify what you want to get out of your sessions
  • identify larger and longer-term goals
  • structure a plan to work toward these goals
  • integrate your plan into your coaching meetings
  • identify and destroy limiting patterns of thinking, believing or behaving that you may have held for decades and that have impeded your progress on your goals
  • stay accountable as you continue to work toward your goal(s)
  • cope with setbacks, roadblocks and challenges
  • handle other issue that may surface in the course of work together
  • celebrate your successes

Get that breakthrough that can only come with Dan throwing all of his powerful tools at whatever has been stopping you in a focused and confidential, one-on-one coaching session.

Whatever you hope to accomplish, working one-on-one is the fastest, most effective way to get what you want.

Life-changing added bonuses

The best thing about working with Silicon Valley Hypnosis Center is that, in your one-on-one sessions, every minute is spent helping your identify and work toward your goals. Unlike other coaching practices, where coaches spend several sessions on general foundational work that is done with every client, here at Silicon Valley Hypnosis Center, we give you the tools to do the foundational work on your own so we can get to the good stuff immediately. That also means you’ll have access to foundational, groundbreaking programs all the time- you won’t have to take a lot of notes or remember what you’ve discussed in a session.

Included in your one-on-one coaching package, you’ll receive:

 Introduction to Personal Change Course: a multi-part video course that introduces you to the concepts and topics that we will use throughout our coaching together. You can download these and watch them in your own time, at home, before we get started with our sessions.


 Foundations of Personal Change Video Course: a six-part video course that introduces the most powerful tools for personal change. Download and watch in the comfort of your own home. 


What is the next step?

The next step is to find out how coaching can help you. The best way to do that is to contact me to schedule a free 30-minute evaluation session. That way, we can get to know each other and I can make sure I can help you. We can start to set goals and metrics for your program. Then we will discuss what the next best step is to help you reach your goals.

Call (650) 417-3187 or email dan@siliconvalleyhypnosiscenter.com for to book your free evaluation session.

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