Do you:

  • Feel a lot of anxiety?
  • Worry a lot?
  • Feel stuck in past traumatic events?
  • Have negative thoughts about yourself?
  • Get triggered by places, situations, or people?
  • Sometimes feel unworthy, not good enough, or unlovable?
  • Have performance anxiety in social situations, or when talking to others?
  • Have anxiety triggers you can’t don’t know about?
  • Imagine bad things happening to you or the ones you love?
  • Worry too much about your health, relationships, or finances?

If so, that is no way to go through through life. Stop the suffering. For relief, read this page and click below to book a free consultation.

Chances are you’ve tried other things to reduce your anxiety, and they either didn’t work or didn’t last long-term. Whether it was talk therapy, using stress reduction tools, or medications – these approaches often just treat the symptoms – and may not last. When we work on your anxiety, we will get to the root cause of that anxiety so the changes stick!

To learn how you can resolve that anxiety


Get to the Root Cause of Your Anxiety – And Change Those Thought Patterns For Good

The problem with talking about your problems is that each time you talk about it, it causes you to experience an unpleasant feeling, which actually conditions the negative response deeper into your neurology. That is why people can talk about an issue every week, but it doesn’t get better – even after years of talking about it.

There is a better way…

With powerful stress relief hypnotherapy, we can actually help you to reprogram your mind. Those old movies in your mind of troublesome past events, or of future bad “what-ifs” will begin to subside. Once that happens, those negative thoughts begin to turn positive. You inner critic voice turns into an inner cheerleader.

Clients report that they can be in situations which used to cause them to feel anxious and instead they feel calm, peaceful, or confident.

His techniques worked wonders for my anxiety
“His techniques worked wonders for my anxiety”

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How to Get Rid of Anxiety

Rewire Your Brain for Peace and Confidence

Hypnosis for Anxiety allows you to literally rewire your brain. Old neural pathways that led to stress and anxiety responses will die off. New neural pathways of feeling peaceful, powerful, and in control will emerge and strengthen.

  • We identify and change limited patterns of thinking about past or future events so your thoughts become less negative.
  • We neutralize traumatic memories with the Traumatic Memory Neutralization Protocol. We literally take the negative emotion out of it so it never feels traumatic again.
  • With powerful yet relaxing hypnosis sessions, we get to the origin of your anxiety – and change your emotional responses and patterns so you feel better long-term.

Clear out stress, anxiety, fears, worry, and self-doubt that hold you back from happiness and peace of mind.

Once we have cleared out the limiting patterns, then you can integrate the changes into your life. You will learn a number of powerful tools and processes you can do on your own, including:

  • How to “step out” of a problem – or any future worry
  • The 6 second relaxation technique (developed by a Doctor!)
  • Learn how to run your own brain – instead of it running you
  • Proven mindfulness techniques to manage any emotion
  • A powerful technique you can use to relax every part of your body – and let go of that stress!
  • New ways to use your voice and body that will “trick” your brain out of anxious feelings
  • The Confidence Button: Summon it at will – as if you could press a button to get it anytime, anyplace.
  • Specific strategies and words you can use to talk to yourself better – that naturally replace anxiety with a sense of safety and trust
Performance Anxiety Reduction, Better Sleep…

To learn how you can resolve that anxiety


Hypnosis is one of the most effective tools for reducing anxiety. But don’t take my word for it.
Here’s what people are saying:

“Dan was able to eliminate the problem quickly and it feels like there has been a fundamental shift in my overall mindset”

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“I decided to work on performance anxiety that I get in certain situations to see if that could be helped, and I must say that by the end of just one session I felt much better and more confident.”

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“Marked Improvement In Just a Few Weeks”

What to Expect Once We Start

Once treatment has started, people report they begin to feel more positive about themselves and their life. That includes lasting changes like this:

  • Greater sense of peace
  • Increased Confidence
  • Moving through life in a more relaxed way
  • Greater enjoyment of life
  • More positive self-talk
  • More happy and positive feelings
  • Enjoying activities that used to make you feel anxious
  • More positive social interactions
  • Setting new goals and taking on new challenges in life

It’s Not Just About Reducing Anxiety, Stress and Worry – Build Up Greater Happiness, Peace, and Confidence

If we only reduced your anxiety (and we will reduce your anxiety), that would only be half the job. But let’s go the distance!

After we have cleared out those worrisome thoughts and feelings, we will build in more of the feelings you want. It may be feelings of happiness, joy, inner peace, confidence, courage, passion, playfulness…you decide what you want to feel instead of that anxiety. And with hypnosis and other powerful tools we will condition these new positive feelings into your daily life.

“I don’t find myself having as many anxiety attacks, if any, nor am I doing any stress reactions”

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Here’s a taste of what is possible:

  • Trigger positive feelings at-will – any time, any place
  • Learn a positive visualization technique that creates a positive future in your mind
  • Replace perfectionism and self-judgement with self-acceptance
  • Use a simple technique to replace negative self-talk with positive affirmations that stick!
  • Replace negative questions with empowering questions you can ask yourself that will move you towards your goals
  • Adopt body-centered practices that instantly change negative thoughts and feelings into states of power and confidence.
  • Positively influence the people you love most to be happier

To learn how you can resolve that anxiety


Here’s How We Will Get Results:

  • Proven Hybrid Model of powerful Live in-person or Zoom hypnosis sessions and online audios and videos for 24×7 access to relief
  • Evidence-based approaches to resolving your issue
  • We measure progress in every session
  • We will use the fastest and deepest change work modalities – proven to work over thousands of clients.
  • Dan understands the complexity that often comes with lifelong anxiety and post-trauma stress.
  • Dan works with related issues like medical anxiety, social anxiety, fears and phobic responses
  • Dan works as an adjunct provider for medical issues that have not resolved with standard medicine approaches
  • We don’t just strive to solve a problem – we aim to have you live a fulfilled life filled with confidence, peace, happiness, and trust that things will work out.
“Very good at soothing a person who is encountering conflict”

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Why Work With a Specialist and Expert in Anxiety and Trauma Relief?

Why to Choose a Specialist:

If you had a rare disease in your body, you would not call up any random medical doctor to get treatment. Instead, you would see out the best – a specialist who is an expert about your specific problem. The same is true if you are experiencing anxiety or trauma-related stress. Be sure to work with a hypnotherapist who is a specialist so you can get the best results.

When you work with the Dan at the Silicon Valley Hypnosis Center, you get the benefit of his being a nationally-recognized specialist with proven results in anxiety reduction.

  • Dan teaches these skills to other hypnotists at the world’s largest hypnosis conference – Hypnothoughts Live –which is attended by over 1000 of the top professional hypnotists from around the world.
  • Dan has been cited in published case studies of client successes – as documented in the book “Powerful Questions and Techniques for Coaches and Therapists” by Hallbom and LeForce, Appendix II.
  • Dan was originally trained by Tony Robbins – The world’s #1 coach – and became part of Tony’s Leadership Team for his exclusive seminars.
  • Dan is a member in good standing of two of the world’s foremost professional hypnotist organizations: The National Guild of Hypnotists and The International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy. They both have Codes of Ethics that he adheres to.
“I had years of bottled up beliefs due to disabling PTSD. In 3 sessions we got to the core of it all”

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Test Drive It – Learn a Rapid Anxiety Relief Technique

Want to experience how it works for yourself before you contact me for your consultation? Click the button below to be taken to my free anxiety reduction course module that demonstrates a rapid anxiety-reduction technique.

In this 15 minute video, you can choose something that is giving you anxiety to work on – and feel immediate results for yourself. Click the button below for instant access.

Instant Access

Change starts with taking action.

This is going to be dramatically different from anything you’ve done before. From the moment you walk in the door, we will get to work immediately to identify what has been holding you back – and help you let go of it!
Hypnosis is a natural process in which your mind is more receptive to positive suggestion. During a hypnotherapy session you may experience insight or release negative feelings. mind’s ability to rapidly integrate new skills, strategies, and strengths.

What Is The Next Step?

The next step is to make sure that I can help you. The best way to do that is to contact me to schedule a free 30-minute hypnosis consultation session. That way, we can get to know each other and I can help make sure I can help you relieve that anxiety. We will discuss your goals, and what has prevented you from achieving them. Then we will discuss what the next best step is to help you reach your goal.

Call now at 650-417-3187 or email [email protected].

Note that most people come into my clinic in San Jose as the local hypnotist. But as a nationally recognized expert, I also work with people over video conference all over the world. My office is in West San Jose, near the borders of Cupertino, Sunnyvale, and Santa Clara. It is less than a 15 minute drive from nearby cities like Campbell, Los Gatos, Saratoga, Milpitas, Palo Alto, and Mountain View.

Tired Of Your Anxiety?