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Silicon Valley Hypnosis Center

I have come much further in my recovery than I could have ever imagined.

When I found myself in the midst of a health and related anxiety crisis I came to realize that I needed something beyond the medical community to help me (although the medical community has indeed been very helpful, I also needed something more). I had been referred to a psychologist who turned out to be going on vacation. Feeling desperate and not wanting to wait for that person, I looked on the internet for a hypnotherapist. Dan (who I had never heard of) came right up on my search. All I had to do was read his statement of purpose and see his picture and I knew I needed to contact him. And I have never had a backward glance. I feel like he came to me from the cosmos as a mystical gift and that I was led to him. Working with Dan has opened new realms of possibility to me as well as confirming some things that I already knew. What he actually does in a session is hard to explain, but it is very powerful. By the end of the first session, I was feeling a sense of, “Wow! That was amazing, and exactly what I needed.” Each session has built upon the last, becoming more and more profound and insightful and life changing. He has always known how to creatively address my needs of the moment and transform despair and fear into vision and trust. When I found Dan, my life had fallen apart. Since I have started working with him, I have come much further in my recovery than I could have ever imagined. I am driving again, seeing friends and family again, and getting back to doing the activities I love again. I have gotten my life back! The healing and expanded vision and life enhancement that I have experienced from working with Dan have profoundly changed my life in positive ways that are far beyond the telling of it.

Anne Cleveland

I had a breakthrough…during my very first session!

I had a breakthrough working with Dan during my very first session. I have to say Dan makes working on “stuff” fun! He said he would and I was thinking “yeah right”, but once we got into clearing some heavy issues, it was absolutely painless, and, I was laughing during the process. He said I would laugh and sure enough I was laughing. How does it get better than this? I encourage everyone to work with Dan for a better life and to reach new levels of happiness and you will find out. He is exceptional at what he does!

Teri A.

I would highly recommend…Dan.

Throughout life I had issues with confidence and learning new skills, and that would cause high levels of anxiety. Working with Dan, my confidence level has really increased, my level of anxiety has decreased so much that I am able to have clarity of thought. I would highly recommend any individual that is considering working with Dan on any issues. I have definitely benefited a lot, more than I thought I would initially.


Dan: I am using the tools you gave me every day and can feel progress being made. Thank you for a truly powerful session.

Colleen Caitlin Wagner

After just 3 sessions I have been able to sleep through the night.

I just completed three sessions with Dan Ross and before I saw him I could not sleep through the night. I was filled with anxieties about the direction of my life and my future and my career. After just 3 sessions I have been able to sleep through the night and my faith in the future is so much higher than when I started. My confidence is so much higher than before I saw Dan. I can’t say enough about Dan, and his techniques are great; they are really effective. I highly recommend you see him.

Jerris Mungai

Dan has been a powerful ally and guide.

Dan has been a powerful ally and guide in assisting me to uncoil my family patterns that no longer serve me, and that I was repeating. We worked on my relationship to my family and some of the women who are influential in my life. I see my family working things out now on their own, I do not take responsibility for what is theirs to handle. I can see daily all these gifts that I have within me, and this I take into my day to day life, changing how I see the world and how the world is seeing me.

Lynetta Denniston

I changed my perspective, the result was healing.

I met with Dan based on a good friend’s recommendation. When I first met with him, I wasn’t sure which problem I wanted to tackle first, there were so many things. For starters, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, phase I and was sure that was a psychosomatic issue that had nothing to do with my healthy habits. I also was dealing with claustrophobia for years, and until my consultation with him, was completely unaware that I had not completely overcome the death of my mother 39 years ago, and of my young niece 15 years ago. Although with some skepticism at first, for I had never attended a hypnotherapy consultation before, each session had a tremendous healing impact over me… just the first session completely released a clenched muscle that had been pulling from my neck all the way down to my shoulder blade, almost immobilizing my left arm. By the way, I must mention, the left side is where the cancer was found…The second session brought images from my deceased loved ones in such a powerful way that I know that my attachments were departing from repressed pain and suffering, but now I have released them in infinite love. And last, I found out that the claustrophobia I was suffering from, due to a memory hidden in the unconscious of my mother tying my arms as a baby so I wouldn’t scratch my face. Once those memories were brought to the conscious and thorough simple exercises Dan walked me through, I changed my perspective, the result was healing. I am planning to see Dan again to work on assertiveness issues when conducting public presentations. I have stage fright randomly, but I know that if he helps me find out the source of them, I may also overcome them. Thank you Dan for all that you did for me, for your patience and determination to be such a healing force.


Dan used humor and “outside the box” thinking to help me focus and change my thinking

Before I met Dan, I was feeling overwhelmed in my life, especially regarding recent events related to my mom’s death and the triggers that brought up for me. Through several sessions Dan walked me through alternate ways of thinking and being. Now I am ready to focus myself on the positive aspects of my relationships and have ways of looking at life that are much more beneficial. Dan used humor and “outside the box” thinking to help me focus and change my thinking. Many thanks!

M Kirk

I feel blessed to have worked with him.

I highly recommend Dan Ross and his work. He is a very kind, mild-mannered man, but the results of his work in my life have packed a super-human punch. He facilitated a very profound healing that I will be forever grateful for. I feel blessed to have worked with him. Thank you, Dan.


He definitely seemed to have lots of tools in his toolbox and to be very experienced.

Dan was really great at working with me. I have tried many different modalities and therapists over the years, and I definitely think Dan has some great tools that are powerful and very fast. I decided to work on performance anxiety that I get in certain situations to see if that could be helped, and I must say that by the end of just one session I felt much better and more confident. I actually feel a lot lighter now, like a weight has been lifted from me. I felt like Dan was very personable and warm, and I felt very comfortable working with him. Plus, he was able to easily modify things for me when I had a few challenges. He definitely seemed to have lots of tools in his toolbox and to be very experienced. Highly recommend.