Pain is a message from your body that something needs attention. Yet too often, even if you receive the message, your pain persists.

With assistance from our hypnotherapist at Silicon Valley Hypnosis Center, you can reduce pain and discomfort to change the way your brain receives the pain message.

Now, that said, we’re not doctors. We don’t diagnose or treat physical illnesses. But we’ll work with your doctor to help you with your pain management.

Among the results you may gain from hypnotherapy:

  • Reduction of short-term or chronic pain
  • Reduction of stress due to anticipatory pain
  • Reduction of pain caused by emotional stress

With hypnosis, we can help retrain your brain so your body still gets important signals, but also reduce the frequency, duration, and intensity of that pain.

Sometimes people seek out hypnosis for pain management because they cannot take traditional pain medications. In that case, we will work with your doctor on a plan to help manage the pain with hypnotherapy sessions and tools you can use anywhere, anytime.

What Is The Next Step?

The next step is to find out how Hypnotherapy can help you reduce that pain. The best way to do that is to contact me to schedule a free 30-minute evaluation session. That way, we can get to know each other and I can make sure I can help you. We will discuss any background that is related to the pain, and set up metrics on how to test how it will be reduced. Then we will discuss what the next best step is to help you reach your goal.

Call now at 650-417-3187 or email [email protected].

Most people come into my office in San Jose to have their sessions in person, but I also work with people by video conferencing all over the world. My office is in San Jose, near the borders of Cupertino, Sunnyvale, and Santa Clara. It is less than a 15 minute drive from nearby cities like Campbell, Los Gatos, Saratoga, Milpitas, Palo Alto, and Mountain View.

Learn Pain Management Techniques Through Hypnosis.