These products combine the tools and information that have proved effective for thousands of clients.

If you are:

  • between coaching sessions
  • considering coaching or group coaching work with Silicon Valley Hypnosis Center, but want more information
  • tired of feeling stressed and anxious
  • unsure of how to cope with both lifelong and short term stress and anxiety
  • curious to learn new methods of coping with stress and anxiety
  • just curious to learn about personal development methods, including NLP and hypnosis
  • looking for affordable, effective and quick ways to make a personal change

…these products are for you!

We’ve developed these products by combining the most effective, fast-acting tools that have worked with clients worldwide so you can benefit at home, on your commute or wherever you get a chance to listen in and learn.

Mastering Mindfulness Relaxation Audio Download

Mastering Mindfulness is an audio download that will give you tools and tips to find relaxation in any situation. Relaxing in a stressful situation can give you a renewed focus and outlook, and stop panic attacks and stress before they start. There are multiple approaches to relaxation, including deep breathing, mindfulness and meditation, visualization and more. This download, which you can play on your phone or any device, is a great introduction to these techniques, and leaves you with the tools to relax, even in environments you may find overwhelming or stressful.

Smash Stress Video Course

Smash Stress is a 45-minute video course that will unveil the most effective stress reduction and management tools in the industry. There’s a lot of information out there on how to reduce stress, as the health impacts of it can be deadly. However, its difficult to cut through the noise and find the methods that are truly effective for you. This course not only introduces you to a variety of stress and anxiety reduction and management tools, it walks you through how to use them so you can “try on” each tool and find the ones that work the best for you.

These Courses Are A Great Way To See What It’s Like To Work With A Personal Coach. You’ll Find Them A Powerful, Effective Introduction To Personal Development Work. CURRENTLY THESE ARE ONLY AVAILABLE TO PAYING CLIENTS.