Client Success Stories in Their Own Words

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Anxiety and Stress Relief

I suffered from anxiety, panic attacks and PTSD. After my first session I walked out of this room feeling like a new person

He has helped me to the point where those feelings are gone and I feel like a new person.

After just 3 sessions I have been able to sleep trough the night and my faith in the future is so much higher then when I started.

Working with Dan, my confidence level has really increased, my level of anxiety has decreased so much that I am able to have clarity of thought.

Weight Loss

I Lost 30 Pounds on The Weight Loss Program and I’m Still Losing…The habits I’ve learned have been life-changing for me.

You absolutely should give it a try…marked improvement in just a few weeks…its been an absolutely spectacular experience

Ron – Weight Loss and Anxiety Reduction

Trauma Relief

Health Issues

Other Types of Results

With my background in psychology, I wasn’t sure…but this was the exact technique I needed to overcome my fear of public speaking

Every session has been like a miracle…this is the most effective therapy I’ve ever had…

I feel like after years and years of doing self-help, Dan really helped me…in a faster and more rapid way

Client success stories in their own words