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If you have been struggling with the after-effects of a traumatic event, then learn how you can get relief with a fast and powerful alternative treatment method…

Whether you are aware of it or not, does unresolved trauma negatively impact your life?

  • Are you triggered by events, situations, or people?
  • Do you feel intense negative emotions in situations that you intellectually know are not unsafe?
  • Do you have intrusive and negative thoughts that repeat over and over like a bad movie?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed – or just feel lethargic and diminished?
  • Do you experience anxiety or depression that can’t be fully explained by what is happening in your life today?

If you have past trauma, you probably know that the mental and emotional effects can last long after the event ended. It can sometimes feel like you are right back in the experience, as if it is happening again today. Maybe those memories intrude into today’s world, or you have flashbacks or nightmares.

Relief is on the way

If any of the above is true for you, then keep reading
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The Trauma Relief Program

With The Trauma Relief Program, you will experience powerful private healing sessions where we use hypnotic techniques that have been proven effective over thousands of sessions.

People often report dramatic changes by the third session*. In your short program, we will use The Trauma Neutralization Protocol, so you never remember that traumatic event the same way again.

We literally take the emotion out of that traumatic memory. Even really intense ones.

*Results may vary based on your unique situation

Client Success Story

I received excellent consultation and profound healing help from Mr Dan. It took 3 sessions and a lot of self realization homework to get to core/roots beliefs I had built up over time. Not Including being a 3 time Veteran with Severe PTSD and completely disabled from that to where I couldn't drive or even have fun with my family (since 1994). With residual head trauma symptoms and severe depression... I only started 3 weeks ago. I practiced the tools Mr Dan taught me which really worked immediately for me. I'm now driving. No anxiety I cant manage. I don't feel depressed.

Eliminate Those Bad Feelings

This new rapid solution will help you to:

Get rid of those bad feelings once and for all!

Neutralize those negative movies in your mind – And reclaim the vision of living life like the one you once imagined possible.

Dissolve panic attacks without feeling drugged.

Discover the truth about why nothing you have done has worked so far – And finally erase that Stress and Anxiety once and for all.

Client Success Story

"What he actually does in a session is hard to explain, but it is very powerful. By the end of the first session, I was feeling a sense of, 'Wow! That was amazing, and exactly what I needed.' Each session has built upon the last, becoming more and more profound and insightful and life changing. When I found Dan, my life had fallen apart... I have gotten my life back! The healing and expanded vision and life enhancement that I have experienced from working with Dan have profoundly changed my life in positive ways."
-From Yelp

Feel More Confidence and Peace

Replace those old feelings of stress, anxiety, and panic with more positive feelings - even in situations that used to trigger you.

Eliminate Negative Self Talk so You can find more PEACE in your life

Neutralize the effects of situations that trigger you – and instead RELAX in those situations that have caused stress and anxiety.

Make changes that last long after your sessions are done with – so you can reclaim happiness, peace, and connections that you may have thought were lost forever.

Client Success Story

"I was unable to do certain things...I didn't have any idea how to get around them...He has helped me to the point where those feelings are gone and I feel like a new person. If you have an issue you’re dealing with…I highly recommend Dan Ross”

You’ve Tried the Other Stuff…

Chances are you have tried other methods to rid yourself of the effects of the trauma – Medication, talk therapy etc. And chances are that it just treated the symptoms and the change didn’t stick.

This is not just another form of talk therapy. In fact, you won't be talking much about that traumatic event

We will use a proven method to neutralize that memory instead

You don't ever have to feel the same way about that bad stuff again

See below for details on how to get started!

Client Success Story

"I had a lot of personal issues to work through. Every session has been like a miracle…I’m really pleased at how my life has changed in just a few short months…the personal issues have been resolved…I’ve been through a lot of kinds of therapy and have a psychology degree, and that being said, this is the most effective therapy I’ve ever had…"

It's Like Getting a "Thought Virus" Out of Your Mind

When we use The Trauma Neutralization Protocol, we are not doing talk therapy. Because talking about the problem often just puts you right back in the memory and re-traumatizes you.

We will do something different. We will literally reprogram your mind. Think of it like removing a virus from your computer. A computer virus is an unwanted program that wreaks havoc with your computer. When you remove it, your computer runs normally again.

We will neutralize the thought virus that is still running in your mind as a result of that trauma.

This is why most people see a change within a few sessions – although like all treatments, individual results will vary.

Reclaim Your Life

Now is the time...

Imagine living the rest of your life without those troublesome Post-traumatic Stress symptoms

What to do when self-doubt creeps in – learn how to see yourself positively instead

Benefit from Long-lasting change and the resulting peace and happiness that comes with it

Feel confident to take the next step knowing it has worked over thousands of sessions.

Recognize that the no-obligation free consultation session is the first step to solve this problem now.

His techniques worked wonders for my anxiety

Client Success Story

"...His techniques worked wonders for my anxiety. With his guidance and usage of the tools he shared with me, I was able to look beyond the 'yucky' event that landed me in his office..."
- From Yelp

Invest In Yourself

Think about the good times in life that you are missing by having these symptoms.

Preempt more pain, stress, and anxiety in the future by choosing to get started now. Don’t lose any more time, money or happy times with friends and family.

The treatment is reported by clients to provide rapid relief and be long-lasting.

Clients often comment that it was a much better investment in your recovery than traditional therapies.

Reduce stress and anxiety with the Trauma Neutralization Protocol

Take the first step to reclaim the life you imagine is possible.

We Address Common Concerns

We address common questions and concerns in this program such as: Will I have to go into the gory details of what happened? Will it take years to get better? How will we both know I am making progress?

This is not talk therapy, so you will not have to relive the trauma over and over in order to heal.

You do not have to share all of the details of the traumatic event if you don’t want to (although at least some details may be needed to help you let it go).

We will measure your progress in each session to make sure that the intensity, frequency, and duration of the anxiety and stress related to the trauma are diminishing.

Client Success Story

"I have worked with a number of professionals and I can say Dan is incredible...He is a caring and compassionate practitioner and I feel very safe during our sessions."
- From Google Reviews

Got Trauma? Get Relief…

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Imagine what it will be like once you are moving through life having left those worrisome Post Traumatic Stress symptoms behind

Connect with how it will feel instead to move through life with a greater sense of ease, peace of mind, confidence, and happiness

Take the first step to reclaim the life you imagine is possible.

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Client Success Story

"I had years of bottled up beliefs due to disabling PTSD...Now I'm smiling. I can drive without freaking out or yelling"
- From Google Reviews

How to Get Relief

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Imagine having completed this program and feeling the peace and confidence that comes from leaving that trauma behind. Consider what your life will be like feeling more like your true self and enjoying a happy and fulfilling life.

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The Key to Success. Take Action!

Because you are still reading this it means part of you is ready to make the change now. Because you probably know that a year from now, you will surely arrive. The question is, how will you be then? Will you be the same as it's always been? Or will you have made the decision to commit and feeling happier, freer, more at peace.

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