This is the fourth post in our 9-part series about what lessons Looney Toons can teach you to lead a happier, more fulfilled life. View the introductory post- and first lesson- post here.

Rule #4:

No Dialog ever except “Beep-Beep!”

Thinking is good. Overthinking is not.

I often run across people who think that all of the answers in life come from thinking.

Don’t get me wrong – thinking is good. If you need to figure out how many tiles to put in your kitchen, think it through until you find the answer. But every skill can be overused, or even be the wrong tool for the job.

But there are answers that can come to you in ways other than thinking. Answers can come from your unconscious mind. In order to get those answers, sometimes you have to make an effort to quit thinking about it, and turn it over to your unconscious mind. Thomas Edison supposedly did that in order to get answers about making his inventions.

There are other ways of getting answers as well. There is wisdom inside your body that doesn’t come with thinking. If you have ever heard the phrase “follow your heart”, that is one example. A decision about whether to hug your child may not need to come from your brain – it may come from your heart. Another common phrase is “trust your gut.” It is often said that when we listen to our gut, we can get some real truths from deep inside of us.

So, here are a couple of practical hints about how to get “Beep-Beep!” and other non-useful dialog out of your head.

The first is to learn how to meditate. The goal of meditation does not have to be to drive the thoughts out of your brain. But a good goal might be to change your relationship to the thoughts you have, especially if you are just starting out. I will be putting out a series of videos on Youtube on how to meditate quickly and easily, so look for those videos when I announce them.

The second practical hint is to learn to listen to your heart and gut. I often use this tool in sessions to help people reconnect with themselves. You can use it too. When faced with a decision, listen beyond that voice in your head, and check in with your heart and gut.