This is the seventh post in our 9-part series about what lessons Looney Toons can teach you to lead a happier, more fulfilled life. View the introductory post- and first lesson- post here.

All materials, tools, weapons, or mechanical conveyances must be obtained from the Acme Corporation.

Why would the Coyote buy all his materials from Acme? Is it possible it is a one-stop shop? In the cartoon, they have everything he needs.

And in your life, all of your resources are available to you in one place as well – Inside yourself.

What I mean is that all the resources you need are within you. You just need to tap into them. When I coach people, what I like to tell them is that they have areas of life that they are successful in. And they have areas that they want more success in (that is why they have come in for the coaching.) What I like to do is to transfer resourceful ways of thinking and feeling that people have in a successful area of their life into the less successful area of their life. That allows them to use what is already inside them – but just had been underutilized or forgotten altogether.

Take a moment now to remember some important successes in your life. Think about all that you have accomplished up until now. Connect with all that took to get where you are today.

In coaching sessions I help you tap into the power of what has already made you successful – and help you use it to become even more successful.