Dan Ross is an anxiety specialist who has worked with clients on 6 continents to overcome anxiety. He is also recognized for trauma relief and reduction of PTSD symptoms.

Local clients near his office in West San Jose appreciate that anxiety relief in Sunnyvale, CA is just a few minutes’ drive from their home for in-person sessions.

The Silicon Valley Hypnosis Center is indeed a center that people come to from other cities in Santa Clara County and all over the Bay Area.

Anxiety Specialist

When looking for hypnotherapy for anxiety in Sunnyvale, it is important to find an anxiety specialist. After all, healing from anxiety is a different animal than losing a few pounds.

There are special tools used in hypnosis for anxiety relief.

One can expect that hypnotherapy can be relaxing – and it is.

But first, the hypnotherapist needs to find the root-cause of the anxiety. It can come from many places. Some are obvious – like trauma. But some causes are more subtle, and that is where a specialist’s expertise comes in handy.

Once the root-cause of anxiety is removed, it opens you up to feeling the positive feelings that you want to feel like peace, calm, or confidence.

Hypnosis for Trauma Relief

When someone seeks hypnosis for trauma relief in Sunnyvale, they often want to work with somebody in person in the comfort of a therapeutic office.

Because trauma is so often A cause of anxiety, it is important to work with somebody who understands how to work with trauma as part of hypnotherapy for anxiety.

Sometimes, a cause can be a large traumatic event. And other times it could be a smaller traumatic event that maybe you’re not even aware was contributing to your anxiety.

The unconscious mind often wants to hold on to traumatic memories as a way of attempting to prevent that kind of thing from happening again. That often shows up as negative automatic thoughts, or feelings of anxiety.

In a hypnotherapy for trauma relief session, we first worked to drain the negative feelings out of the memory. And we can actually work with the unconscious mind to change how those memories are perceived so they don’t bother you anymore.

This removes the anxiety-producing response.

Stress Relief Hypnosis

Life includes stressful events. The stress of family or work or relationships is a given in life. We can’t change the actual things that create stress.

But we can change how you respond to those stressful events – perhaps with a greater sense of acceptance or ease.

When you seek out stress relief hypnotherapy at a place like The Silicon Valley Hypnosis Center, we aim to help you change those stress-producing responses.

Located close to the center of Silicon Valley in West San Jose, our office is like a refuge of stress relief for people coming from nearby cities like Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Saratoga, and Cupertino.

Most clients find the process of hypnotherapy to be relaxing on its own. But we also use specific techniques to help you change how you think about those stressful situations, so it’s like we’re installing a built-in stress-relief mechanism.

Stress, Anxiety, and Trauma Relief

To produce the best results, we will often work to get anxiety relief, stress reduction, and trauma relief together so that you get the maximum benefit out of your sessions. With the Silicon Valley Hypnosis Center and its location just a couple of miles from the border of local cities like Sunnyvale, you get world-class Anxiety Specialist access but with a short drive.

Start by scheduling a consultation session today.