When people approach me about the possibility of getting coaching, I often ask them to evaluate the major categories of their life to measure how fulfilled they are.  Fill out the little quiz below to rate the areas of your life. The idea here is to be living a fulfilled life that is balanced across major categories of your life.

Where Are You… and Where Do You Want to Be?

Areas of life focus: Rate each area of your life on a scale of 0-10. 0 is lousy and 10 is outstanding.

Where Are You Today? Where Do You Want to Be?

  • Health and Physical body
  • Emotions and states of mind
  • Relationships
  • Family
  • Friendships / community
  • Time
  • Work/career/mission
  • Finances
  • Community
  • Growth
  • Contribution
  • Spiritual

Add up all of the numbers to make totals.

Now sum the total of both columns.

From here, you’ll give yourself grades. This will be different than letter grades. The reason is that when I coach people, I like to help them identify and transform limiting beliefs about themselves and what is possible. So let’s use this score to identify some possible limiting beliefs people can have. They may or may not be true for you, but it should prompt some reflection.

If you scored more than 107 points, give yourself an “A” You likely have high standards for yourself (and probably others). Sometimes people want “all 10’s” because they have tendencies towards perfectionism. They may have limiting beliefs about having to be perfect in order to feel good about themselves, or feel secure, or believe that is how people will like them – by having a “perfect” life. None of these may be true for you. You may just have very high standards, which is OK. Coaches like that.

If you scored 95-107 points, give yourself an “B”

If you scored 83-94  points, give yourself an “C” If you scored below 84 points, that means your average score for each section was a 7 or less. Maybe your standards are too low. Or maybe you just have a long way to go to get to 7’s. Someone who has low standards may carry beliefs about whether they deserve to have good things happen to them in life, or beliefs about worthiness.

If you scored more than 60-82 points, give yourself an “D”

If you scored less than 60 points, give yourself an…seriously, make a commitment to make some improvements in your life ?

Finally, if there is a big gap between your “Where are you today” score and your “where do you want to be” score, it probably means that where you are in life is not where you want to be. A score difference of 20 or more means you want more in life.

A life coach can help you measurably improve your life and bring your numbers up. And that is the type of work I love doing. I like to go beyond hypnosis to resolve a presenting issue, and help people improve multiple aspects of their life.

For more information on life coaching, contact me at dan@siliconvalleyhypnosiscenter.com for a free consultation on how to get you what you want in life.