Most of us are familiar with how things work in scary movies.
Whether it’s a trip to the theater or watching on the small screen at home, we see all kinds
of fear played out on the screen.

But reality is not like the movies or television in some important ways!

The Truth About Trauma

How do people work through trauma and anxiety?

On the screen, there is resolution. The fight or flight moment is immediate and direct, and then
everything winds down and resolves, all fit within the space of a few minutes. At the end of the movie, everything is ok for the protagonist.

Real life is different and requires more sustained care for these types of scenarios. It’s not just a moment that is impacted – the stress from trauma can last for years or decades if left untreated. With the enormous number of people diagnosed with PTSD in today’s world, it’s clear that a lot of people have internalized stress in their lives. Everyone has different triggers, and different needs for intervention.


Working Through Problems

Using different modalities, people can work through the trauma and resulting anxiety that occurs in their lives. For example, there is a combination of medication and things like counseling, but certain types of other services like hypnosis can also make a difference, and can be less “intrusive” as some people put it. In other words, hypnosis doesn’t mess around chemically with your brain chemistry. Instead, it’s a natural sort of intervention that can still offer some results.


Hypnosis and Self-Actualization

As I have mentioned in the past blogs, there’s the principle of self-actualization that’s evident in hypnosis treatment. In a sense, the “patient” or someone who is undertaking this kind of journey is trying to affect a mental “change of scenery” with the kinds of therapy that hypnosis typically provides.

We strive to promote this kind of action in people’s lives! We’ve seen a lot of lives changed for the better, for better self-assurance, self-confidence and self-expression. It is not just about getting rid of that trauma or anxiety. It is also about all the positive feelings that you can experience after treatment.

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