Effective Ways to Calm Down When Feeling Stressed

When stress reaches a certain level, it can seem like calmness is completely impossible. You may find that you are dealing with racing thoughts and even physical symptoms, such as tension in your muscles and sweating.

While you know intellectually it’s important to try and remain calm, in practice, this isn’t always easy. Your body is having that stress response, and it can be difficult at times to override it. However, there are some techniques you can learn ahead of time and then implement when you are stressed. You can also utilize hypnosis to help you develop stress management methods.

Some other methods to try when feeling stressed are listed here.

Practice Breathing Exercises

You will find several different types of breathing exercises to try; however, if you are new to these techniques, it’s a good idea to start with the basics. The most effective breathing exercises don’t require a lot of time, but they are effective when it comes to calming your nervous system and reducing your heart rate. They will also help to reduce the production of cortisol, which is a stress hormone.

You only need about 3 minutes to feel the benefits offered by breathing exercises for stress.

Journal and Write Down Your Thoughts

Taking time to get your feelings and thoughts out of your brain and onto a page will help you stay calm when you begin feeling stressed. If you aren’t sure how to journal, just remember that this doesn’t have to be an involved or complex process. Instead, just write several sentences or even a short paragraph related to what you are thinking and feeling. This isn’t the time to edit yourself. You can be more creative with this, too, and draw pictures if you like.

Another way to relax and improve your mood is by writing in a gratitude journal. With this journal, you should write down things that you are grateful for that day. Doing this can help you shift into a more positive mindset. While the big things in your day are important, don’t forget the small things you are grateful for, too, such as a good meal or beautiful sunset. If you need a boost, you can flip through the pages of your journal at any time.

Take Time to Reconnect with Nature

Chances are you won’t have time for a day trip or hike all the time. However, taking some time in nature can make a huge difference in your mood. Doing this will help reduce your stress while improving relaxation. Even just taking time to sit in your garden or on a bench in the park for a few minutes can help you calm down if you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

Utilize Hypnosis to Optimize Your Stress Relieving Practices

With hypnosis, you will have even more skills and tools to help you deal with stress and anxiety when it occurs. Taking the time to learn these processes will pay off and help you de-stress and feel less anxious in your day-to-day life.