Is lack of motivation just Fear in sheep’s clothing?

I am sitting here and recognizing that I have not been feeling motivated to go do something. And it was something I’ve been planning on for a long time. As I started to really connect with what was going on, I recognized that it was actually just fear. And that is true for many things that people feel unmotivated about. Sometimes fear shows up as a strong feeling that you can recognize as fear. Other times it is masked as “just not feeling like it” or a ” lack of motivation.”

How to get motivated

Since this was something that I actually wanted to do, but was afraid of starting, the way I got through it was to imagine fast-forwarding to the end, where it actually felt real good that I took action and did it. That that allowed me to then back up to the present moment taking that “feeling good about having done it” feeling with me and allowing that good feeling to “motivate” me to get started.

Try this little exercise:

  • Think of something that you don’t feel motivated to do now.
  • Once you have that, just recognized that it is probably just fear.
  • Now shake your body out a little bit to break up that pattern of fear.

Take a nice deep breath. And imagine fast-forwarding through that thing that you have been putting off. When you get all the way to the end, step into the feeling of accomplishment or whatever you would feel when you got it done. Notice where you feel that in your body. Put your hand there as a reminder of this feeling as you bring yourself back in time to the present moment, still feeling that feeling that good feeling you get when you’ve completed it. And now look forward towards that thing that you want to do, and just look at the first step, while still feeling good – and likely feeling more motivated to start.

Take the First Step

Tony Robbins said to never leave the site of a decision without taking some action. So ask yourself what is the smallest First Step that I can take right now? Do I need to make a phone call? Do I need to sign up for something? Do I need to make a commitment?

As soon as you’re done reading this go ahead and take that step – still staying connected with that good feeling of having accomplished it in advance.

And once you’ve taken that step, reconnect with that feeling of accomplishment. Knowing that the Journey of a Thousand Miles begins with a single step. And you will have just taken that step.

Learn about what I had to “motivate myself to do” by reading the next post. Hint: It involved heights and an 855 foot jump.