Just a while ago, I was reading some literature about hypnotism in a fictional setting, and how it
worked for the characters who a writer invented.

It reminded me of how much the process has to do with self-actualization, and certain kinds of thinking that happen through the power of suggestion.

Some people feel like this just isn’t a real thing. But then so many other people who have used hypnotherapy to their advantage know that it is a real thing, at least for them.

Here are some of those common scenarios…


Because the triggers are based on the powers of suggestion, so Post-traumatic stress disorder is a specific response to a stressor in your past.

One of the most common examples is a military veteran who was sent to fight a war in some distant land with a particular climate and environment.

They come home and put it all behind them, but if they encounter that environment and climate again, it’s often an immediate trigger and puts them right back in the thick of it, in one of the most traumatic episodes in their personal history.

So how do you get past it?  Is the solution.
Many veterans and others have gotten excellent results from hypnosis as a way to curb those negative stimuli and indicators.

Weight Loss

Here’s another one where people talk all day about the difference between different kinds of weight loss strategies.
Some people feel like it’s “just willpower” and they’re only partially right. You have to have the will to commit to some changes in eating and exercise in order to lose weight.
Other people feel like it’s only a case of popping pills or doing some particular kind of treatment regimen.
They’re only half right, too.
The middle ground is the hypnosis way, where you supplement the treatment plan with, again, the power of suggestion in your life to give you that enduring will that you need.


Like with PTSD, hypnotism can be helpful in treatment for chronic anxiety.
If you’ve heard people talk about things like people coming out of their shells or getting less stuck in a comfort zone, you know how this sort of thing works.

Hypnotism, as we’ve said before, isn’t usually like it is in TV and in the movies, where it’s dramatic and
sensationalized for a viewing audience.

It’s much more prosaic and practical, but it takes place in a context of professional acumen and assistance. So contact us for help in the Silicon Valley area.