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When it comes to personal change work, results often come from the flexibility of the coach when working with a client. What the coach does next when “something doesn’t work” with a client can determine the client’s ultimate success.

Some coaches have a narrow set of tools to work with, and “run out of ammo” too soon. Others prefer to use one method for a particular presenting problem. For example, it is common for a hypnotherapist to stick to a specific script for an issue like weight loss, even if after multiple sessions the client does not start lose weight.

And yet things sometimes work out just fine.

What is going on?

In Systems Theory, there is a postulate that states that the element in the system with the most flexibility can control the system.

So in a coach-client system, as long as the coach is flexible enough in his set of responses, tools, and potential next steps, he can navigate with the client to reach a solution to the client’s problem.

That is why I just show up to a session expecting that anything can happen, and can use any one of a hundred different tools to get to a positive result. Sure, I make up a game plan in advance, just for that client.

And many common presenting problems have commonalities in their causes across a population. But what causes one person to be overweight may not be a cause for a different person.

And that is why I spend the beginning of almost every session with a detailed set of questions, observations, and checking-in with the client in a detailed way to find out what is going on in the deeper levels of their experience.

Then we can most quickly find the best tool, and lead the client to their desired result. And I always have a back-up plan with a host of other tools, ready to use once we start our work together.