In the third installment of Back to the Future Marty and Doc went back to 1885. And in this post we will talk about ancient history as well.

If you are not moving forward towards your goal, then there is likely something inside of you that is stopping you. Yeah, we are all busy and have commitments, but people who are clear about what they want and do not have internal blocks usually get their goals.

And much like the movie, in order to get past what is stopping you now, you need to time travel back to your past. I find that people have unconscious beliefs that come from events in their personal history. They can be traumatic events, or they can be seemingly innocuous events.

The other thing that tends to stop people is internal conflicts. You know, when you take two steps forward, and one step back. Or you don’t take any steps at all. It is like pushing on the gas pedal and the brake pedal of the Delorean at the same time. You get a lot of smoke, but don’t go anywhere.

In the deeper coaching that I do, we identify these limiting beliefs and conflicts and resolve them, so that you can then move forward in life towards what you desire.

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