You may be asking yourself “What? How can you hate hypnosis? You run a hypnosis center and use it to help people resolve issues. How can you hate hypnosis?”

Don’t get me wrong. I love hypnosis, and I hate it at the same time.

I’ll explain.

I hate hypnosis because it has been represented in movies and in other media.  It is often depicted as turning people into compliant zombies to do someone’s bidding, or even turn into killing machines, as in the movie The Naked Gun.

It is also used as entertainment in stage shows, and often leads people to believe that as soon as you enter a hypnotic state, your hypnotist will make you cluck like a chicken.

Even in the therapeutic realm, where I use hypnosis, people often search online for hypnosis to resolve a personal issue. That is good. But some people, having seen the movies or stage shows, call with the expectation that I will put them to sleep, and when they wake up after an hour, they will have no memory of anything I said, but their lifelong problem will be cured and they are done with personal work forever. Sometimes it works that way. And often making deep and lasting change takes more effort on both our parts. So I have to set the expectation accordingly.

Don’t get me wrong. Hypnosis has been shown in studies to be an effective treatment for a variety of presenting issues, from weight loss to stress and anxiety reduction, and a host of other issues. But it is not the wave of a magic wand. It is an effective changework process, and a learned skill for the client that he/she can use for reinforcement at home.

And that is why I love hypnosis despite hating it. It is effective, and is one of the most common tools I use with clients. To see a demonstration of a hypnosis session, click this link to watch me do a 10 minute hypnosis session demonstration in this enlightening Youtube video.

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