The human body is a very complex and fascinating organism. The average body can withstand lots of pain and has the ability to heal itself. The connection between the mind and body is undeniable, especially when it comes to detecting extreme stress

Extreme stress is a problem that nearly 34 percent of Americans encounter. When dealing with lots of stress, your body will react in a number of ways. Not only will you notice mental health problems when stress levels get out of control, you might also encounter physical problems. 

Here are some physical problems extreme stress can cause. 

1. Sleep Problems Are Ongoing

Did you realize that the hormones responsible for stress are classified as arousal hormones? This means these hormones are technically designed to keep you awake, which is why people with extreme stress often have trouble sleeping. High levels of stress hormones will put your body in fight or flight mode, which can lead to extreme anxiety. 

If you feel like you’ve tried everything to control your stress with no success, it is time to try an alternative approach. Many people have used hypnosis to identify and treat the stress problems they encounter. If you’re interested in this approach to stress management, the team at Silicon Valley Hypnosis Center is here to help. 

2. Issues Involving Persistent Headaches

Few things will slow you down faster than a headache. Dealing with throbbing pain in your head all day can be extremely frustrating. High levels of stress in the body can cause these headaches. The reason for these stress-induced headaches is muscle tension. 

Most people fail to realize that stress is one of the most common headache triggers around. Not only do you need to get stress levels under control to reduce headaches, you also need to focus on staying hydrated. Drinking more water can help you combat dehydration, which is also a common cause of headaches. 

3. Excessive Sweating Can Indicate Stress Problems

Sweat is a sign of a healthy body. However, too much sweat is not healthy and can be caused by underlying health issues. When stress levels are high, your body will activate the flight or fight response. 

This response is usually accompanied by excessive sweating, increased heart rate and problems breathing. Rather than dealing with this common problem, it is time to get a handle on your stress with the help of hypnosis. 

4. Chest Pain Can Be Caused by Stress

Having chest pains can be extremely worrisome. While chest pains can be a sign of serious heart problems, it can also be caused by overwhelming amounts of stress. People who deal with stress-induced chest pains get caught in a vicious cycle. This cycle includes increased stress due to the scary nature of the chest pains. The only way to rid your life of this problem is by controlling your stress levels. 

Are you dealing with one or more of the problems mentioned above? If so, it is time to get control of your stress. 

Check With Your Doctor First

 Whenever you are having physical symptoms, check with your doctor first to rule out any medical causes of your symptoms. If they tell you the symptoms do not have a medical cause, then pursue stress reduction as another avenue.