Many of us go through trauma at some point in our lives. But what this looks like is different for each person. There are different trauma situations and different effects that each have their own impact on someone’s psychological and mental health.

For example, there are some types of trauma that might cause you to consider alternative treatments and some that might require long-term therapies. It’s important to remember the uniqueness of each person’s experience.

Situational or Interpersonal Trauma

Some types of trauma create to effect of being afraid of a specific person or persons. You could call these interpersonal in nature. Some of them involve toxic narcissists, or others with different diagnoses, who have the drive to oppress or terrify others.

Other types of trauma are very situational. When a war veteran comes back from the field with PTSD, that’s often seen as a type of situational trauma that’s hard to resolve with talk therapy, which may require long-term treatment with that modality. For too long, these types of traumas have often been brushed under the rug.

Chronic or Episodic Trauma

Some types of trauma are caused by a single episode or experience.

Others are chronic – they build up over time.

The impact and feeling from these types of trauma are different. The episodic one may be like turning on or off a light switch, where chronic trauma may have a more cumulative effect.

Mild, Moderate and Severe

Then there are different levels of trauma in our lives.

Mild trauma may go untreated, because we don’t really evaluate it well or acknowledge it at all. Or you may not be consciously aware of trauma as a symptom of a problem you are experiencing today.

That could even be true of some types of moderate trauma.

What all of these types of trauma have in common is that they may respond to different types of therapy and self-actualization.

When people have more self-awareness of their situation and are honest about what they are confronting they can work better through types of trauma.

We help to create that self-awareness with relaxation and brain-reprogramming wellness techniques that help our clients to access the resources that they have within themselves to conquer the problems that they face.

Take a look at the rest of the blog for more about this, and ask us questions about hypnosis and alternative treatments for trauma and anxiety. We help people to make choices about how to take control of their lives, and be more deliberate about the process of self-awareness and achieving higher self-esteem. You can find more resources here online, too, about the background on these techniques and how they work. Come see us!