This is the fifth post in our 9-part series about what lessons Looney Toons can teach you to lead a happier, more fulfilled life. View the introductory post- and first lesson- post here.

The Road Runner must stay on the road – otherwise, logically, he would not be called Road Runner.

I’ll restate the rule in general terms: In order to achieve a goal, you must stay on the road to the goal, otherwise, it’s not really a goal.

Achieving a goal requires you to take action, be persistent, and stay on the path until you reach the goal. Too often, people get sidetracked. They find more “compelling” things to do that are really just distractions from their goal.  Thinks like watching TV or killing time on Facebook.

They say things to themselves like “It’s been a long day; I’ll start on my goal tomorrow,” or “Just ½ hour of surfing the internet, then I’ll start.” And they don’t ever get started, or just keep getting distracted.

The key here is to make your goal compelling enough that nothing is going to stop you. It becomes a high priority. The other key is to get some coaching to help you identify what may have been stopping you up until now. It is usually some kind of fear, masked as tiredness or busy-ness. And it usually takes a coach to help you identify and clear out that fear.

Here’s a secret: When going after any big goal, you will almost always have to push up against – and through – fear. Otherwise you would already have that goal. Coaching can help identify the fears, negative thoughts, and beliefs that have been stopping you, and change them.

Then you can move forward as fast as the roadrunner towards your goals.