Every so often, it’s good to go back and reassess. That goes for your goals, your lifestyle, your relationships, your career…and even your blog.

Last year I decided I wanted to make my services accessible to people all over the world. One of the ways I’ve been doing that is through my blog. Through a variety of written articles and vlogs, I’ve been expanding the amount of people who have access to the services I offer.

In the past few weeks I’ve gone through the last year’s worth of posts to determine what more I can do in 2016. I came away with some great ideas, but also with some fond memories of last year’s work.

Below is a list of my favorite posts from 2015. Stay tuned, 2016 promises to offer even more helpful content and resources.

  • Ever wanted to know why I started coaching in the first place? And in Silicon Valley? Read this.
  • I offer various change modalities, one of them being hypnotherapy. I get a lot of questions on hypnotherapy, why I offer it, what it is and how it differs from coaching and other change modalities. Read more about my perspective on all of that here.
  • I’m obsessed with Looney Toons. I went to Seattle and visited the Looney Toons Museum last year, and wrote a series on what Looney Toons can teach you about life. Seriously. There are a lot of lessons you can take away from the TV show. Read them here.
  • Finally, I wrote a piece on why I hate hypnosis. It might sound strange and counterintuitive coming from a hypnotherapist, but you’ll have to read more to learn why.